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442 40 Kungälv
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Our representatives in other countries

January 2018   -   Mixon is strengthening the sales organization!

Jan Sijbrand is taking over the sales activities in the Benelux for Mixon.
Jan has been for training session at our offices in Sweden and is now on
a tour in the Benelux to introduce himself for our customers.
Jan is looking forward to represent Mixon and its products in the
Netherlands and Belgium. We wish Jan Sijbrand and our customers
a positive and prosperous cooperation, for a long term period.
Jan  Jan

Mixon would like to thank Marc Vereecken for his services since many
years for Mixon in the Benelux, as Marc has now gone in retirement.
Marc has a long state of duty in the market and is a well-respected person
in the wood working industry. Mixon wishes Marc a healthy and
interesting period of his new stage of life.

Volker Niemes is now representing Mixon in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland (DACH).
Also Volker has with good results ended his training at Mixon offices and
is now since January 2018 active on the market. Mixon is very pleased with
the cooperation with Volker on the DACH market, as we feel we have 
now a local representative in the German speaking area. We hope that this
will make it easier for customers in this area, to contact Mixon and find out
what kind of solutions we have to offer for the wood working industry.
Mixon wishes Volker a successful cooperation and we would welcome the
interest of the German speaking customers for our solutions.
Volker mindre Volker

February 2018
Mixon would like to inform you that Nina will be, in first instance
partly, and later on completely off-duty as production manager for
Mixon AB. Very positive news for Nina and her family, as she is
pregnant and a new member of their family will be added within short.
To assure continuity of our deliveries and services, as well as the
contacts with both customers and suppliers, Mixon have appointed
a new production manager. She will take over the responsibility and
activities of the job, as Nina is on maturity leave.
Hereby we present Marie Åhs, which already is on duty as PM and is
heading up the production department. Nina has introduced Marie on
all the ongoing projects and daily responsibilities for the department.

How does this affect your contacts with Mixon?

In general not at all. You can reach us on the same phone number and
e-mail address as before. You don't have to make a choice to direct
your questions to Nina or Marie, nor to worry if your request has
landed at one of the two. You do as you have done before. We have
arranged so that you'll get your support from either Nina or Marie.
Eventually Nina will come back to Mixon, to take over again the
assignments as PM, but at that time we face already the autumn of this year.

Nina Andersson;     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     +46 70 23 999 21
Marie Åhs;               This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     +46 70 23 999 21



February 2014
With great honor and happiness we can announce that Mixon have made
an agreement with an exciting and pro-active company located in the
South Korean market.
Mr. Yoon, the owener of the company Sunwon GMS, will from now on
with his team represent Mixon in South Korea.
Yoon and his team are welcome in the Mixon family and we wish him long and
prosperous business in his market.




mixon vision

We now present our latest innovation, Mixon Vision.
It is a complete camera surveillance system in combination with software that ensures
the correct amount and correct application of the adhesive.
This system helps you to optimize your production, the waste will be minimized
and valuable production capital can be reduced.
This means that an investment in Mixon Vision will have an extremely short payback time.

Please read more in our Newsletter 

Mixon Vision Product Information



Mai 2013
During the first week in May, we were participating in the Ligna trade fair, the comprehensive
wooden and technology fair in Hanover, where we represented our company and our
technology solutions.
We can look back on a very rewarding trade show with many visits to our booth and a great
interest in our products. We were able to meet our customers and partners from virtually all
over the world and we have also made many new contacts for the future.



We are glad to introduce our new partner in Turkey, Mr Erol Kanat, from Erka Grup.
He will from now on work as our agent i Turkey where the market for our solutions is growing fast.
We wish Erol and his colleagues success in his representation of Mixon's solutions.

erol kanat
 Erol Kanat




September 2011

Mixon and LimSystem LLC have agreed on a co-operation on the market in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. LimSystem, represented by Mr. Dmitry Shamaev and his team of technicians will represent Mixon. By this we can serve the Russian market with local language and local/quick available service of installations, preventive services and technical support.

We wish Dmitry and his team success with his representation of Mixon’s products and solutions.

  Dmitry Shamaev


August 2011


Mixon has launched a new system for finger joint application:

Contact-less application with camera system

More about 2400-CL series

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