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Mixon AB

Traktorgatan 5
442 40 Kungälv
Tel: +46 303 24 66 60
Fax: +46 303 94255
E-mail: info@mixon.se

Our representatives in other countries

A team of dedicated and skilled people, taking care of the adhesive application-moment in your business. Each one of our employees will be at your service, from the early sales contact to the moment that you have accepted the complete delivery.

Gunilla Edlund, Head of Finance:

Our numbers are as correct as our solutions.

Benny Eliasson, Service Technician:

The installation in 23 countries have improved my way of dealing with customers.


 Christian Le'mon, Service Technician:

The daily contact with our customers, has improved my understanding of quick service.



Robert Cabaj, Service Technician and Stock:

I make sure that you receive all necessary technical service and spare parts.

Carina Johansson, Order Administration:

I process your spare parts orders and arrange the shipping of deliveries.

 kontakt 2


I'm working on the next generation solutions.

Birger Johansson, Development

I'm working on the next generation solutions.


Nina Andersson Wesley, Head of Production:

I'll assure complete, correct and in-time deliveries of our machine deliveries.

(During Nina's maternity leave
Februari - Autumn 2018:
Marie Åhs)

Jan-Willem Pijl, Managing Director:

Cusomer first, keep your promises and invest for the future.

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