Adhesive application solutions

Adhesive application solutions

Wood Load Bearing


1600H/2600H CL series

Wide Timber panels

1600H/2600H series

Wood Non Load bearing

Lamina Application Solutions

2600H/2700H series

Glulam Application

2800R series

Other Applications

Sandwich Panel Application Solutions

1600H-wide series

Relining Application Solutions

100-03L series

Built to last
The solutions are built always in our premises, by our own staff. We know how to handle the fact that each machine is more or less unique. After assembly of the machine, each solution is thoroughly tested before it is shipped to the customer’s factory.
Especially in those occasions where we work with a new application, or with a new type of adhesive, the test is a part of the process before delivery. Only in this way we quality assure the functionality and performance, before the machine is shipped to the end destination